Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Crazy Night!

I love my job. I am a hairstylist and I work at a salon in Centerville, UT! I work with awesome girls and we have an amazing clientel, and more specifically I have the sweetest clients. I do have a hard time leaving my babies to go to work but once I get there I'm ok :)!! I have been doing hair for about 13 years. That is not the crazy part.

Yesterday afternoon we were all sitting in the front of the salon (which has all glass windows) when a truck started backing into the parking stall right in front of our door. We all immediately noticed him because he was backing in and we have had a car come through our window several years ago. We were all sitting around (had a little down time) and when the man got out of his car we all just kind of watched him. He walked around the front of his truck and to the passenger side and looked like he might be coming in, but nope he headed towards Quizno's. One girl said he's a military guy so I looked up and said No he's just wearing a military camo hunting jacket. Then another girls said oh yeah cause he has dark jeans on. Another girl said "And he looks like he needs a shave"! So here we are picking apart this poor guy. I noticed that his one pocket looked like it had something heavy in it... his jacket was slanted (not hanging straight). It didn't hit me until later that he was carrying a gun. I was still checking out his sweet truck and my client came in and she commented on his truck too. Before we know it the salon is swarming with police. Asking questions about the man and the truck. We were able to tell them the make and model of the truck (yes, girls notice all sweet things including sweet trucks) and positively identify the man. That is when we are told he just robbed the bank and that he was armed and that is when it hit me that he was packin' when I saw him. How scary is that?? To make a long story short... we filled out witness reports, and one girl went and positively ID'ed the truck and finally they got the guy. I have to give a shout out to Centerville PD... they got their man! You never know what's going to happen. We've always been an observant bunch and it paid off.