Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Halloween Crafts

I am a copy cat. I can see something and then duplicate it. My favorite scrapbook store had these cute "Eek!" blocks last year. Well I didn't take the class but I kept the sample picture. I decided that I wanted to use different paper and embellishments so I spiced up their idea just a little. I loved them so much I made a set for my mom and I taught my mother-in-law how to do it all. I think she had fun. Then I went to my favorite craft store and found these super cute kits to make Halloween wood monsters. I think they turned out pretty cute too. Now I'm totally in the mood for fall and Halloween. This is my end of summer door hanger I made as well. Love watermelons in August. I have finished up a Halloween and Fall door hanger and will get pictures of those soon. Oh and lets not forget the eclipse blocks. I bought this kit from my favorite scrapbook store. I will have to post the pictures of the twilight and new moon blocks too. They are fun.