Friday, February 25, 2011

End of February!

Can you believe it? The end of February is here. Seriously, this might be my most favorite winter month :) ONLY because it is so SHORT!!!! That does mean less days for crafting fun as well but as long as winter is almost over- I am a happy camper. OK pictures are to come of my projects but if you didn't see on the family blog I have posted pics of the "Can-O-Dates"! Today I made "Dating Dice" which for those strengthening your marriages you can use these in many different ways. I also made a "Wild About You" tin and I am working on some spring crafts. I have found the cutest birthday crafts that I will begin working on next week. Also I have two aprons I am finishing up and I am getting ready to decorate the kids bedrooms.

My sweet husband and I are taking on a project for this year and if you'd like in on it check out my family blog. (click on Joleen on the side bar and it will take you to it) So I am thinking this will take up a ton of my crafting time this year but I am more than okay with it. I just finished reading The Maze Runner and I am waiting for my new book to come in the mail which is a book on strengthening marriages by an LDS author so in the mean time I am continuing to read "The Power" (the sequel to "The Secret")! I am going to see Harry Potter 7 part 1 tonight and my new flick I am dying to see is Red Riding Hood which is directed by one of the Twilight directors and is produced by Warner Brothers and looks AMAZING! March 11th is when it comes out. All this among working (which now I get to drive 45 minutes one way 4 times a week) and taking care of the kids. Oh... I will start posting some of our FHE ideas too and I was called to help teach Primary. Whew! We have CrAzY days mixed in with quiet and relaxing ones and we are anxiously awaiting Jess getting out of school.