Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Catching Up!

Since having my 4th baby I have felt like I have been in a continuous whirl wind of life. It's not a bad thing; just some days most things get put on the back burner. Baby #4 (who is actually #5) has acid reflux (reflex) and is not always the happiest camper around. But one thing I have learned is that she LOVES music, singing and dancing. She especially loves Christmas music. So everyday after we take the kids to school we come back home and load up mommy's play list, get her settled in her swing and start the singing.

It's Sarah's Senior year. She is involved in so many activities and things with her friends that I haven't had the heart to pin her down to a practice schedule too. She is practicing and still singing but between my mommy & work schedule and her school & Senior year schedule it's been kind of crazy. I figure in the next few months things will level out and we'll get back on track. But for now Sarah needs to enjoy her Senior year and I need to enjoy my last baby :)

We wish all a Merry Christmas! Thanks so much for following us. And if you want us to come sing at your "going on's" let us know in advance so we can make it a priority :).