Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All About High School

Gininnia tagged me a while ago and I'm finally getting around to it so here goes... trust me it's not that impressive.All About High School Tag
1. DID YOU DATE SOMEONE FROM YOUR SCHOOL? Went on a few dates with guys from my school and a different school, but nothing serious :)

2.WHAT KIND OF CAR DID YOU DRIVE? My parents cars, nothing too cool :)
5. WERE YOU CONSIDERED A FLIRT? Nope...too shy!!
7. WERE YOU A NERD? No but I got good grades, I was just shy.
10. CAN YOU STILL SING THE FIGHT SONG? No it's been too long.
12. WHERE DID YOU SIT FOR LUNCH? In the hall or off campus
13. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S FULL NAME? Woodscross High School
14. WHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL'S MASCOT AND COLORS? Wild Cat, blue, white and red
15. DID YOU GO TO HOMECOMING AND WITH WHOM? Yes. Can't remember the first guy but Jess took me to Homecoming too.
16. IF YOU COULD GO BACK AND DO IT AGAIN WOULD YOU? I think H.S. is over rated :)
17. WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER MOST ABOUT GRADUATION? I was so excited and I didn't have to go back the next year :)!!
18. WHERE DID YOU GO SENIOR SKIP DAY? Shopping with friends.
19. WERE YOU IN ANY CLUBS? Pep club and FBLA
20. HAVE YOU GAINED SOME WEIGHT SINCE THEN? Well I've had 4 kids so yes I think so.
23. DID YOU HAVE A JOB IN HIGH SCHOOL?Yes. I worked at Classic Skating and that's where I met my awesome husband (and for all those wondering no Rob had nothing to do with getting Jess and I together or even married, although he claims too.)

Now I tag Renna, Rachel, Megan, Kim, Jen and anyone else who wants to join in the fun. Post and let me know so I can go read yours :)!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just what the Doctor ordered. I was getting a little too stressed out and I needed a "breather" so Jess and I left the kids with Grammie and Bubba Gramps and got away for a few days. We went to Port Angeles/ Sequim, Washington. We saw a lot of things and did a lot of sight seeing from the car. We did some walking but kept it mild since I'm a fragile (high risk) pregnant woman :)!! We went to Bainbridge Island, Forks, La Push (where the beaches are), Victoria B.C., Port Townsend and Seattle.
While we were away my swelling went down but now that we are back it's rip roaring again. I did get a lot of rest, but after being home for two days I'm almost as tired as when we left. The thing I am learning to do is be a little more "lazy"! I am always on the go and always have a project going or something that needs to be done. I'm also a perfectionist so things have to be done right. A clean house to everyone else is not the same to me. I'm learning that it's okay to have dusty shelves, toys on the floor, books out of place, laundry in baskets and beds not perfectly smoothed. I have always loved "meditation" and have learned that instead of once a day I get to do this two or three or four times a day. Naps are essential and as long as the kids sit quietly on the recliner in our room and read books or watch a little show while I take a 30 minute snoozer, it's okay. Once our sweet Ashleigh is born I think I'll go back to having the tons of energy I've always had but I think I will still keep mommy nap time and maybe leave books out of place :).

Sunday, March 8, 2009


...or so I thought! At the beginning of this last week we had some awesome wind which kicked up a bunch of junk in the air. By Tuesday night I was suffering from allergies but because I am pregnant and very high risk I can't take my allergy meds :( !! That's okay. I thought it would go away and my Doctor told me I could take a decongestant to help. Friday evening I called my doctor since I couldn't breathe through my nose and asked if I couldn't take something else, yep I could take a stronger OTC degcongestant. Saturday I went to work and nothing was helping by the time I got home I was really suffering. So I layed down, felt a little better and then we went to dinner. I couldn't eat a thing. I drank some water and Strawberry Lemonade and was just miserable. So I broke down and went to Instacare...which I hate going there, so you know I desperate. It was the shortest visit I have ever had there. Ofcourse there wasn't anyone in the waiting room but we could hear a kid screaming in the back. We checked in and sat down for just a few minutes, then we were called back. The nurse took all of my vitals, asked a few questions one of which is "Are you allergic to any medications?" Yep sure am...Pennicillin. "What's your reaction?" Closes off my air way instantly and should only be used in life or death situations. She says "oh it's already on your chart." Great. The doc came in just a minute later asks all the Q's about my symptoms and when they started. Looks in my ear..."Oh that ear drum is bulging" as I am pulling away from him cause my ear feels like it's going to explode. (it really hurt) Then he's tapping all over my forehead and along my cheek bones, which was killing me again. He says you have sinusitius. Great I knew it and...... So then he gives me a perscription for a maximum strength decongestant and says take this for 10 days if you don't get better here's a perscription for an antibiotic then take that. Um, okay. I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I'm very high risk so I'm thinking I'll give my own Doctor a call when I get to the car. We were seriously in there only 15 or 20 mintues. So crazy.

I call my Mom and tell her what the doctor said and she asked what perscriptions he gave me. By this point we are on our way to the only open pharmacy at 8:30 pm on a Saturday. I read her the first one and then I look at the antibiotic. Ammoxicillin. Um... ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I'm sure it was just an oversight... but one that would cost me and my unborn baby our lives. So now I'm overly concerned and call my Doctor (who happens to be AMAZING) and he's working on call at the hospital. I leave a message and he calls me right back. He said the decongestant is just fine to take and then calls in a different antibiotic but he told me I need to start taking it right away, especially if my ear drum is bulging. Then he asked where I went and what doctor I saw and he took care of that :)!!

Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok, time for a break from my homework. Lately I have been a wreck. I just haven't been myself and it was hard to face each and every day. My friend Staci introduced me to a song that I absolutely love. It is Storm by Lifehouse. Here are the lyrics:
How long have I been in this storm?
So overwhelmed by the ocean's shapeless form
Water's getting harder to tread
With these waves crashing over my head

If I could just see you
Everything would be all right
If I'd see you
This darkness would turn to light

And I will walk on water
And you will catch me if I fall
And I will get lost into your eyes
I know everything will be alright
I know everything is alright

I know you didn't bring me out here to drown
So why am I ten feet under and upside down
Barely surviving has become my purpose
Cause I'm so used to living underneath the surface

If I could just see you
Everything would be all right
If i'd see you
This darkness would turn to light

And I will walk on water
And you will catch me if I fall
And I will get lost into your eyes
And everything will be alright

And I will walk on water
You will catch me if I fall
And I will get lost into your eyes
I know everything will be alright
I know everthing is alright

Everything is alright
Everything is alright

I seriously cried the first time I heard it. I look at it as if God is the one who will catch me when I fall.  I love this song so much. It is as if it was written from my life.  The first verse of the song is sang acapella and the rest of the music is so wonderful. It is just simply amazing. 
I cannot wait for Joleen to have her baby. First because I'll have another neice, and second, we can sing again!! I'm not in choir this year, so I really miss singing everyday. I have written a bunch of new lyrics, and can't wait for Joleen to help me with the harmony. Well so long for now!!
p.s. If you can, listen to Storm. It is just so amazing!! :(|)

What a Week

Wow. It has really been forever since I've gotten on. There has been so much going on in my life lately that I just haven't found the time. Second semester started, and then about a week later while walking to church, I slipped down some concrete stairs and hurt my head, neck, and back. (The fact that I already have a broken back and kyphosis, didn't help any) But, I'm doing better and everything is okay. Last week was torture for me. I had three major tests for my CE (college) classes. I passed the first two, one with 90%!! and am still waiting to hear on my chemistry test. It was so stressful studying for them and I am so entirely grateful to Staci and Cherie for helping me, and especially Jacob, who came over to my house unannounced the night before the test to help me study. He left his mutual early and even sacrificed his homework for me. I will be forever in debt to him. I have a big project in my CE Interior Design class to do, so I will get going for now, but I will be back later. Sorry for not posting in the longest, longest time!