Thursday, December 25, 2014

Crafts 4 A Cause!

 I helped with a Zumb-a-thon that was held on December 1st.  It was for World AIDS Day.  I was on the committee helping to plan the event and one of the Instructors teaching at the event.  But I also donated some "handmade" items for the auction.  These are some of the Christmas blocks from my last post.  And I made a darling jean apron.  I couldn't believe how easy it was.  Cut the back side off an old pair of jeans and make a ruffle to go around the edges (I cut my material to be 8-10" longer than the measured edges).  And then add ties.  I made 3 aprons in about 2 2/1 hours.  Easy peasy!!

The last project I made for the event's auction was this old window frame.  I painted it a light blue and then we made the glass a "chalk board" with chalk paint.  We did prime the glass first so that you would be able to write on it and not have the paint chip off.  It also had a little hook on the bottom that I spray painted a brass color.  It turned out so darling.  I'm just sad I forgot to get a picture of the finished project.  I am going to make another one so I will take step by step pictures of the next one!!  And of course a finished picture as well.

Christmas Blocks

 These are some of most favorite Christmas gifts to make.  They are simple yet fun and beautiful.  My kids love running them around to neighbors and they make a great Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching gift.  We use them as teacher gifts as well.
 Last year I found scrapbook paper that was designed with 3 rows of 4 Christmas themed designs.  I also found winter themed and Valentine's ones as well.  I also found one's that were 2 rows of 3 designs and were a little larger.  This year my amazing husband cut out wood with his Birthday present (a table saw) so I could make blocks.  He hasn't cut out the large ones just yet, but that is okay I love how the smaller ones turned out.  I hope everyone we took blocks to this year love them as much as we do.
How did I make them?  Simple all you need is acrylic paint to coordinate with your paper, my favorite color right now is Trail Tan by Ceramcoat.  A paper cutter and Mod Podge (I like a matte finish).  And if desired distressing ink for the edges, (note: I do not distress all of my edges) glitter and embellishments for added bling (again I do not embellish or glitter every block).

After sanding down the blocks, paint them, let them dry then apply Mod Podge to the side of the block that you are going to place the paper on.  Place the paper on the block while the Mod Podge is wet and make sure that you smooth any bubbles or puckers in the paper.  I let mine dry just a bit  before putting a top coat of Mod Podge on.  Once the top coat is dry then I embellish and glitter.  If you want distressed edges make sure you do that before Mod Podging and placing on the block.

Ward Christmas Party in Wenatchee

 I was asked to help with our ward's Christmas party.  They asked me to lead up the decorating committee.  Oh boy, I was nervous.  The ladies in charge told us the sky was the limit and to dream big.  Basically GO BIG or GO HOME :) hehehe!  With the help of two amazing women in my ward, Robin and Joanie, and Jess too of course.  We pulled off some amazing decorating.

 I was extremely nervous, having been to many "Utah" ward Christmas parties and the decorating that was done there was phenomenal but I think we made it shine and shimmer.  We were going for a "cozy Christmas".  We found trees and tons of lights that our Stake owns and was allowed access too.  We put about 9 or 10 trees up on Tuesday night.  Then Wednesday afternoon we set up tables and moved the trees to the floor and started stringing lights.  The Young Men and Young Women in the ward helped to wrap presents, set up the chairs continue to string lights and wrap up the tables.  And we worked on the centerpieces too.  They were my favorite!
 I think I am going to have to find some awesome vases and make cool centerpieces for my dining room table and my mantle in the living room.

This is a side view of the set up.  We turned the lights down low and it made it so cozy and quaint.  
There was the most darling Christmas skit that just made the whole evening so much more fun.  

This is another vase that we had all dressed up for a centerpiece and the table runners were red shimmery mesh.  I loved how it turned out.  I hope everyone else in the ward enjoyed it as well.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Fabric Flowers

While my in-laws were in town back in April, we took them up to Lake Chelan.  It's a beautiful area, a vacation destination.  We decided to walk down the main street with all of it's little shops and found the most darling fabric store.  In the window display were the cutest fabric flowers.  I took a picture to remind me that these would make great decorations on my mantle or book cases for spring and summer.  I have not been back to the fabric shop yet, but I am planning on making a trip up there (since it is about a 45 minute drive) once the kids are back in school.  This summer has really put a kink in my "normal" routines.  Okay, let's be honest, I haven't really found a "routine" since moving to Washington.  That is my goal when the kids are back in school is to find a routine that fits me and my family.

*I love the reflection of Emma in this picture as well*

Pillow Fight

We bought the kids new pillows for their beds.  Rather than throw away their old pillows I decided to make them pillow cases for them and these could be their "traveling" pillows.  They could take them with us on long drives or "travel" around the house with them from living room to basement to toy/tv room.  
For FHE (family home evening) we took the kids to the fabric store and let them pick out their fabric.  Ashleigh loves purple, pink and yellow and fell in love with the elephants on her fabric.  Emma, who is now 10, loves chevron print and currently loves the colors coral and turquoise.  Easton was the easiest he found emergency vehicles right off the bat, complete with a helicopter on it-score!  Then Jax, oh my Mister Jax!  He was the hardest one.  It took him forever to decide because all the fabrics were "babyish" or "little kid".  The we rounded a corner and found all kinds of fun Duck Dynasty fabrics.  Why did we not go down that isle first?  I found a simple pattern, that actually came with Easton's fabrics and in one afternoon I had all four pillow cases whipped out and ready for the kids to use. 

Refinishing Projects

Jess, my husband, loves to refinish old furniture and give it a new look and new life.  The top two pictures are of our living room table.  There are two side or end tables that now need to be refinished as well to match.

We finally found a new dining room table that will fit our family and even extends to fit many more guests for dinner when the occasion calls for it.  I was not happy about the table at first because it's not "my style" or even the style I wanted but Jess cannot pass up a "good deal"  8 chairs, table and 4 leaves; all solid oak for $500.  He will most likely not be so lucky when he does by me my dining room set that I want.  $500 might cover the shipping cost.  Anyway along with the cheap price of the table came the promise of refinishing it.   So far if you ask my sweet, amazing husband who picked out the color schemes he will tell you he did.  And because he does most of the work in refinishing the furniture I let him believe that and even tell others that as well.  I know that if I want something done my way or my color, I make him think that he came up with it and then I get what I want.  He does ask for my input so I give it.  I usually start by showing him pictures on Pinterest or Facebook or Google search.  Then I let it be for a few days or weeks.  Then when he approaches the subject again it's usually to go with him to "look" at colors.  (This is how I got the stain I wanted for the living room table and my small kitchen table and chairs)  He usually has a nice color in mind and would be okay, but I steer him towards the one I really want.  One of two things happen.  Either he picks up the color right then or if he is not ready for the stain or paint, he remembers the color and goes back for it when he is ready.  It's so simple and easy to do.  As for the oak table, it is still sitting unfinished because of several factors; first it is summer and there are a million things to do, second our summer this year has been a scorcher and being out in the non-attached metal shop/garage when it is over 101 (upto 109) for 9 consecutive days is not going to happen and third, he is the assistant scout master with the 12 & 13 year old boys in our ward soooo... his time has become very limited.  I am hopeful once it cools off that he will start on our table (oh and once we have the funds to buy a paint sprayer for the chairs).

Monday, May 5, 2014

Project Furniture RE-finish

 My husband loves to give new life and a new, updated look to old furniture.  This dresser came from my great aunts house and used to be gold and this green/beige color that was really not so pretty.  This dresser will be going in my girls room.  He put new pulls on it as well and I talked him into going to Hobby Lobby with me to check out their drawer pulls and these cute butterflies (since it is going in the girls room).
 See how darling these butterfly pulls are?!!!
 Next is this beautiful picture.  It came from the same great aunts house.  I wish I had a before picture of this.  The frame was gold.  The picture seemed dark and foreboding with the gold frame and it dulled the picture as well.  Now that the frame is a white color I think the picture looks peaceful and serene and the colors more vibrant.  This picture now happily hangs in my dinning room.
 And lastly... new curtains for the living room.  I love reds and I love blues with brown but not both red and blue with brown.  So we are steering away from the reds in the living room for now and going with blues.  I found these beauties and couldn't resist.  Now to find some pillow coverings that are blues that will cover up my couch pillows.  I have more projects up my sleeves, just waiting to move to the top of the list.  I found the cutest fabric store in Lake Chelan that I am so excited to go and visit again.  Now that I am starting to settle into life here, projects should start popping out regularly.