Friday, August 16, 2013

Crazy Summer Days!

WOW! Where has this summer gone? It has been a long HOT one here in Utah. Yesterday we hit day 20 of 100 plus degrees this summer. We have been busy with trips to the Library, Zoo, Mountains, swimming pool and splash pad. Along with evening fires in our fire pit- Yum, s'mores- we have enjoyed backyard movies on the big screen. I have been gardening, even in the heat, and taking care of our yard. Our peaches have come and gone and now we are just waiting on our apples. I really have not done a whole lot of crafting this summer, which makes me a little sad. BUT... thanks to Pinterest I have plenty of projects coming up. I am hoping once the kids are back in school and we are back to a "schedule" that I will have more time. It doesn't help that I have been consumed with Zumba either. Like I said I am settling back into a routine as the kids are getting ready to go back to school on Monday. So stay tuned for pictures of our projects. Oh, I did paint my kitchen last weekend but I haven't taken any pictures yet, mostly because I need to decorate it now. I may just have to get things cracking this weekend!