Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm terrible at updating this blog, but I'm getting better at it. Jess and I are still going with the biggest loser game his family has set up. We started on Jan 4th and got off to a slow start because we weren't sure we would have time for it. You see Jess is still in school full time and he works full time. I am a full time wife and mother plus I work part time. So I thought I would just break down our life for you real quick to show you how hard it has been to make time for this and how we seem to not have time for anything else.
Jess works full time usually 4 tens; Tues- Fri then he has school. He has a few on-line classes (which takes discipline to do) and he's in the middle of his "physcially have to be there for" class. Then on top of his full time schooling he has flight labs. These are not included in his full time school schedule. He tries to fly on Monday's and Saturdays at least 2 hours flying and 2 hours ground. Then he has to take care of 4 children (ages 8,5,3 & 9 months) while I am at work. Which is 4 days a week. Jess also gets flight time in on Tuesday and Friday's now because the sun is up longer. And because his "physically have to be there for" class is only a few weeks long (like 5) then he had to go to working 5 eights and he has school 4 days a week on top of everything else. He is packed solid-- try to find time for this man to excercise ontop of sleeping-- he needs his sleep so he can fly safely and oh yeah his job he is on the road 90% of the time driving through mountain passes and on dangerous roads. So his sleep is extremely important. Just so you all know though... he has been off of Dr.Pepper and all soda since January.

Then there is my day. I have two kids to get to school Mon-Fri by 8:45am. And I have to get them up, fed and moving in the morning. One is in Kindergarten so I pick that child up half way through the day. I work Mon, Wed, Thurs in the afternoon and evening then Saturday is a 6 hour shift that switches from early, mid and late shift depending on the week. I am a hair stylist so I have to "get ready" for work. I have to be showered, hair dry and presentable and makeup on and finished. I can't go to work with a wet ponytail and no make-up on looking like I just rolled out of bed, I'd get fired. It's not easy getting ready for work with three kids all needing lunch and the baby wanting attention and all the million "little" things that go along with kids and babies. I have to carefully plan this out so that I can have everyone ready to leave to get to the baby sitters and me to work on time. Then there is laundry for 6 people, one being an acid reflux baby who spits up a ton and on everything. Dinner, which I try to have made before I go to work to make it easier on Jess. Dishes need to be done, floors swept and vaccumed and bathrooms cleaned; beds made and rooms cleaned. Visiting Teaching and home teaching and church callings. Cubscouts and soccer (two games a week and one practice a week) then there is dance starting up in the summer, once a week and play dates for the kids and their friends. Grocery shopping since we do need to eat. Mowing the lawns and weeding the flowers and veggie gardens. Well baby checkups and not so well kid check-ups. Broken bones, head injuries and elbows too.

It all adds up and this is just an overview. Somehow we have found time to exercise and have made a real lifestyle change. I have found a new "aerobic" class I love called Zumba. It kicks your trash literally. I have been doing other things as well and now that the weather is getting better outside it is easier to rack up the points I think. I have found ways to incorperate my children into it so I am spending time with them as well as exercising. They are more aware of being physically fit as well. But I am a little worried that it is becoming an obsession and I am hearing my 8 and 5 yr olds saying some things that concern me. So we are having to combat that as well. But all in all I am feeling better and Jess says I am looking a lot skinnier since having baby #5! Horray!!! I am almost ready to down size another pant size and Jess's shirts are all way too big on him now. So exercise and a healthy diet really do work wonders.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


In the last week it has snowed three maybe four of the 7 days. All I can say is "Are you Serious???" For real, where where you snow three months ago when it was freezing and we wanted you around? I am so ready for Spring and Summer to be here. So Bah Hummbug to you Mr. Snow's a lot in Spring! BOOOOO!!!!

Okay I am over my ranting about the snow... maybe :)!! Just a quick update I took a Zumba class and loved it. I've convinced Sarah to come along with me as well. I am slowly catching up on all of my projects that I have going on and I found some unfinished ones too so just when I thought my list was getting smaller it's really growing more than I want it too.