Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Haag Family Biggest Loser 2

Jess and I have decided we are in on the Haag Family Biggest Loser round 2. Jess is going to the gym and riding his bike. I am still going to Zumba, doing yoga, biking and a few other things here and there. I had surgery in September so I feel like everything I did in the first round was undone. I have gotten out of a few habits (like taking my dinner to work with me and drinking enough fluid) so I just have to get back into the swing of those things and keep exercising. Hopefully I will make my new weight goal by the end of the year (my new year's resolution goal) and I'm not too far off, so I am hoping to be able to get it done.

And I have been working on more projects and finishing up some others. I also went to my friend's Relief Society Enrichment (or what ever it is called now) and the Halloween Queen came. She was amazing and showed us how to throw all kinds of Halloween parties and gave us recipes... so yummy. I will have to post pictures of some of the recipes. I did make a "Monster Mash" themed dinner the other night and the kids (and Jess) loved it. Sorry no pictures though, we were having so much fun I forgot about it all :)!!