Saturday, February 28, 2009


Jess and I just bought new living room furniture. I love it. It's nice and comfy to sit on and looks good in our front room. The kids love it too. Now we just have to finish painting the last wall and the living room will be pretty close to done. Jess is going to hang pictures too. I love how it is all coming together. I promise I'll post some pictures as soon as I can get some that the kids aren't in :)!!! We also bought a new mattress for one of the kids bed and it is a little on the tall side so we are having to make a few adjustments there and then that childs room will be close to being finished too :)!! I love having a house. It's so much fun to paint and decorate.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


I am so excited about going on vacation. It has been 2 years since I have had a real vacation so I am jumping on the chance to celebrate my anniversary on vacation and without the kids. Jess found the most beautiful and romantic bed and breakfast on the Straight of Juan de Fuca. Check it out at Colettes dot com. The place has absolutely beautiful gardens (which probably won't be in full bloom while we are there but hey it's still beautiful) and we are right on the ocean. Our room has a huge window that looks out onto the ocean too. I'm super excited. For those who don't know I am DEATHLY afraid of water, having almost drowned twice (acutally three times so far in my life). By the way we are not going to San Antonio, we are going to Washington State. We fly into Seattle and then drive to Port Angela's. The problem isn't staying at the B&B it's that we have to cross two bridges to get there. I'm already hyperventilating and I have two weeks until we leave. The first bridge I'm sure will be easier than the second bridge (which is a floating bridge and Jess made the mistake of showing it to me.) the bridge basically sits right at the water level :( and when it's windy the water can blow over the bridge, am I nervous about this? Sure Am. Plus it's not just once I have to cross it, it's twice AAAHHHHHH!!! But what I am concentrating on is all the beautiful sites we will see and how much fun we will have. We are planning on taking TONZ of pics and we are eating our Anniversary dinner at "Bella Italia's" !! For all you non-Twilight fans that's the resturaunte Bella and Edward eat at in the first book. There are a bunch of wildlife refuges and marine life centers that I think we will visit and a few light houses we may make a trip down to Forks (if I am feeling up to it) and we'll probably spend most of our time on the beaches, I love the calming sounds of the ocean (as long as I am not over top of it) I am a land lover!! There is a reserve called Bloedel Reserve on Bainbridge Island that we may go to, if I can get up the nerve to cross another bridge or go on the ferry. Like I have said before, Jess really knows how to plan a vacation and finds the best B&B's and hotels to stay at. I have never (in 8 years) been disappointed. I couldn't figure out how to post pics from the B&B but I'll be able to once we get home. You'll have to stay tuned!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Jess and I love Jeep Wranglers. They are so much fun and a great second car to have. In the summer we sold our Jeep because there were only two seats in the back and we have 3 kids (going on 4). Lucky for us the new Jeep Wranglers come with 4 doors and 3 seat belts in the back and a "trunk" space. This means that we'll have enough space to put in a jump seat and still have room for all the camping gear and what not. Jess and I are very picky about features and colors and tires. Since it will be a "second" car and we DO plan on having it longer than a year or two we are taking our time and waiting for the one WE really want. We don't want some junker of a Jeep that was owned by some teenager (or dumb guy who thought he was all that) who trashed it either. So, in the near future the newest member of our family will be a new Jeep Wrangler. Our baby girl may beat it here since we are very paticular, but really unless she comes early we should have our new "BEEP BEEP" soon after our vacation. Am I spoiled, yeah! What can I say, but Jess is spoiled too. Ask him about his Saturday "honey do" lists and he'll tell you 9 times out of 10 they consist of taking a nap, 4 wheelin' with the kids and playing at the park. Such a hard list. But I have to say he is very on top of most things that need to be done around the house. Only that one time out of 10 do I need to have him do something more than just have fun with the kiddo's!! That's another reason we are so excited to buy another Jeep. We really miss 4 wheelin' in one. It's like our family pet :)!!

Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday I wasn't feeling super well so I decided, as I was laying down with my feet up, that I would do some research. I wanted to take my mind off of things so I focused on something that makes me happy. My gardens. I went on line and researched out the best times to plant my flowers, veggies, and berries. I learned a lot about strawberries so we'll see if this year I can make them grow. And I learned that I need to go on the hunt for Peach trees if I want them planted this year... because you are supposed to plant your peach and nectarine trees between the begining of December and the end of February. That was something I would have never guessed. I was done with my research sooner than expected so I decided to start reading "Midnight Sun". For those who are not Twilight fans this is the book that Stephenie Meyer was writing from Edwards point of view. She gave a rough draft copy to a friend who posted it on the internet so it's just a rough draft and it's not all the way finished. I was hoping that she would finish writing and publish anyway but I don't think she is going to do that now. So I broke down and went on her site and started reading. And that was my day yesterday :)!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Happy February!! Just thought I would post a little note. We have made it through the worst month of winter...January. February is the shortest month and it starts to warm up from here on out. (Although it starts out a little slow) Also the days are getting longer and hopefully no more below freezing temperatures. Probably a few more snow storms but the snow shouldn't last too long. January is such a depressing month, I'm glad it's gone :)!!

I love Valentines Day!! I love it for the fact that it's my day (and month) to show my kids and husband how much they mean to me and how much I love them (which I try to do every month of the year) but this month it gets done in pinks, reds, purples and white. I love it. I leave heart shaped notes on beds and in lunches, under pillows and on dinner plates and even rolled up in their napkins. This year I'm worried I won't be able to do as much because of my pregnancy but I'm still going to try. I love holidays and making my kids faces light up even with the smallest gestures and the littlest pieces of paper covered in I Heart U's!! I might even go to my hubby's work and let some hearts explode in his work truck. Wouldn't that be fabulous :)!! I may need some help with that one. But hey... it's all in the name of LOVE!!!