Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Last Friday night we had a GNO with a Twilight theme. I haven't figured out how to put more than 5 pictures on a post so I was limited to just 5. I have all of them on my FB if you want to check them all out. Anyway.... Here is Prom Bella and Renesmee. These were some of the party favors. Thanks Jen they were awesome... and I love the tags.
We decorated cupcakes. Mine was supposed to be Edward so I posed as "kissing" his cheek. It's silly I know but Jess really likes this pic so I'm good with it.

This is Broken Leg Bella getting bit by Victoria. LOL this was so fun. Dressing up is great and what girl doens't like to... especially around Halloween???

These are more of the party favors. They are coffins filled with candy "blood bags", red finger nail polish and Eclipse mints. And yes we put vampire teeth around the napkins. There are endless possiblities out there.

We played Twilight Jepardy and had some quick facts and a Bella's Birthday Quiz too. We're sad everyone wasn't able to make it. We had loads of fun though and I'll post sarah with her twilight cupcake next.

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