Saturday, February 27, 2010


My sweet, handsome hubby and I are still thinking about whether or not to remove the privacy block on the family blog (almost typed piracy...funny huh???) Any input??? This last week has been a crazy one for us. I have had a migrane that I can't seem to get rid of. Never had that happen before so I'm feeling a little out of my element. We'll hopefully see the doc on Monday. Then Sarah was in a car accident this week too. I also had a sister-in-law in the hospital (emergency status...not planned) and my MIL had surgery too. I think March is coming in like a lion so it better go out like a lamb :)

As for other news. I'm feeling like I need Paula Dean to come and cook me some Southern Comfort Food Y'Aalll!! Because it's "UMMMM, Ummmm!!!" She is my fav. Thank Food Network! Do I hear VACATION bells tolling too ?????

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