Monday, August 18, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

I don't have any picture updates for you. Sarah and I have been practicing singing and fine tuning our voices. It's an ongoing process: practicing and fine tuning, you are never done in that area. We have decided that we need to do a photo album of just us so we are planning on taking pictures (which took some convincing on my part since I don't like to see myself in pictures) in the near future so you'll have to check back to see our photos and tell us which ones are your fav's.

Anyway.... as a side note we were having FHE last night since Jess will be out of town today and we decided to play scripture hang man. For those who don't believe in Divine Intervention I wish all of you a moment or experience such as mine last night. The Haag Family rules of scripture hang man go as follows: you have to pick a word or phrase from the scriptures, once it's guessed then you have to tell why you chose that word or phrase by either telling the story, giving a personal experience, ect..... So we started out and we play in teams since our children are small. Jess chose the first word and it was "converted" and told the kids about his mission just a little bit. Then I was at a loss as to what I wanted as my word or phrase. As I was flipping through the back of the Book of Mormon I instictively chose "Nephi builds a ship" which is in the front of the book. After everyone had guessed it I was then to explain the story. As I was telling the story I said that Nephi's brothers told him that he couldn't build a ship, he didn't know how or have the tools too and that they laughed at him and mocked him. Then I told them how Heavenly Father showed him the plans and showed him how to make the tools and where to go for wood and supplies. And then at the very last I likened it to us today and told my small children that in life we can do and be anything we want to be and that if we ask Heavenly Father that he will show us the way and what we need to do to accomplish these things. Even though I was talking to my children it seemed like Heavenly Father was talking to me and as I listened to everything I was saying I knew that I was where I needed to be at this point in my life and that my sister and I are supposed to be singing and blessing the lives of others through our voices. I don't know how all of that will come about but I do know that He will show me bit by bit and piece by piece. FHE continued and Jess chose the phrase "The Iron Rod" and then it was my turn again and I chose "The Liahona" and it just seemed that our explainations of the stories and our personal experiences were this Divine intervention of sorts for me. Here I was thinking about what my children needed and what I was supposed to be teaching them and it turned into everything that I needed at that moment. And how ironic it was that I was teaching myself. Was it a huge and grande display of anything.... no it was just this awe hah moment in my living room with my family, that opened my eyes to the things I needed at that moment.

I am so thankful for all of the different talents my Heavenly Father has blessed me with. For my sister, Sarah and for the sisterhood bond we share. For my wonderful, dear, sweet husband and all of his love and support and for him being in tune with the Spirit too.


ann said...

It makes me so happy to know that while FHE is happening here in our home it's happening in yours. To know my nieces and nephews are walking in righteous paths just makes me happy. Love ya!

Diamond in the Rough said...

FHE is so important and I think a lot of times members over look it as just one more thing they have to do. But it has brought the spirit into our home more powerfully than I could have ever imagined. And though I try to teach my kids I think I'm teaching myself more and getting more from it than they are. Is that crazy??? :)!! I never picked up on these things as a kid or teenager but now that I have kids of my own I have a new found respect for FHE.