Sunday, January 18, 2009


Friday I picked Jackson up from school on our way to the babysitters. He got in the car and he started telling me about what he learned in school that day. He asked me if I knew who Martin Luther King Junior was. I told him yes and he got so excited and started telling me stories about this great man. Finally I asked him "What did Mr. King do that was so great?" (I asked this question because he had told a lot of stories but hadn't really hit it on the head yet) To my great surprise he said "He made everyone equal. We are all the same." I was so proud of him. I asked him "Why is that so important?" And he said "Because Heavenly Father and Jesus want it that way and we are all God's children." My cup runneth over and so did my tear ducts. I love that he looks beyond skin color and sees the person inside. I love that he is so smart and has wisdom beyond his years and I love that what we are teaching him here at home is sinking in too.


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