Monday, February 9, 2009


Yesterday I wasn't feeling super well so I decided, as I was laying down with my feet up, that I would do some research. I wanted to take my mind off of things so I focused on something that makes me happy. My gardens. I went on line and researched out the best times to plant my flowers, veggies, and berries. I learned a lot about strawberries so we'll see if this year I can make them grow. And I learned that I need to go on the hunt for Peach trees if I want them planted this year... because you are supposed to plant your peach and nectarine trees between the begining of December and the end of February. That was something I would have never guessed. I was done with my research sooner than expected so I decided to start reading "Midnight Sun". For those who are not Twilight fans this is the book that Stephenie Meyer was writing from Edwards point of view. She gave a rough draft copy to a friend who posted it on the internet so it's just a rough draft and it's not all the way finished. I was hoping that she would finish writing and publish anyway but I don't think she is going to do that now. So I broke down and went on her site and started reading. And that was my day yesterday :)!!!

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Crazy? Who's Crazy? said...

You'll love Midnight Sun. At least I have. So glad you finally gave in, you purest you. It really makes Twilight a lot more fun. Also, there is some backstory to New Moon on her site that is written from Edward's point of view from Rose's call. Hope you are keeping occupied and stress-free. Miss you.