Saturday, July 10, 2010

Washington Vacation

We took a family vacation to the Olympic Pennisula the last week in June. It was beautiful, fabulous and just what I needed and I think Jess did too. We left early Friday morning and drove all day to the Seattle area. We stayed in Bellevue. The next morning/afternoon we had to get our car fixed but were back on our way around 2pm. We rode the ferry over to Bainbridge Island and drove up to Port Townsend, then to Sequim, Port Angelas and finally over to Forks (where our condo/hotel was). We saw amazing sites, played in the tide pools, rain forests, on the rocky beaches and the sandy beaches. Did some hiking and missed out on a few hikes that we wanted to go on, saw some snow and freezing temps up at Hurricane Ridge along with wild wind. We had some rain, lots of sunshine and mild beautiful temperatures. We visited a few Native American Indian reservations. The Makah Rez has Cape Flattery which I think was one of the highlights of our trip along with the sandy beach just down the road from Cape Flattery. The other highlight was we stopped at every LDS temple along the way. I will post pictures later of the books that I am making for the kids. The books will have pictures of them in front of every Temple we visit from every family vacation from here on out. In the fall we are planning a Utah temple tour. I think the kids have had fun this summer :)!!

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