Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Blocks

 These are some of most favorite Christmas gifts to make.  They are simple yet fun and beautiful.  My kids love running them around to neighbors and they make a great Visiting Teaching and Home Teaching gift.  We use them as teacher gifts as well.
 Last year I found scrapbook paper that was designed with 3 rows of 4 Christmas themed designs.  I also found winter themed and Valentine's ones as well.  I also found one's that were 2 rows of 3 designs and were a little larger.  This year my amazing husband cut out wood with his Birthday present (a table saw) so I could make blocks.  He hasn't cut out the large ones just yet, but that is okay I love how the smaller ones turned out.  I hope everyone we took blocks to this year love them as much as we do.
How did I make them?  Simple all you need is acrylic paint to coordinate with your paper, my favorite color right now is Trail Tan by Ceramcoat.  A paper cutter and Mod Podge (I like a matte finish).  And if desired distressing ink for the edges, (note: I do not distress all of my edges) glitter and embellishments for added bling (again I do not embellish or glitter every block).

After sanding down the blocks, paint them, let them dry then apply Mod Podge to the side of the block that you are going to place the paper on.  Place the paper on the block while the Mod Podge is wet and make sure that you smooth any bubbles or puckers in the paper.  I let mine dry just a bit  before putting a top coat of Mod Podge on.  Once the top coat is dry then I embellish and glitter.  If you want distressed edges make sure you do that before Mod Podging and placing on the block.

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