Friday, September 26, 2008

Jackson to the Rescue

Jackson is my buddy. He is almost always right there to help me out when ever I need it. When I'm sick he sticks right by me. When Jess is out of town he doesn't want to leave my side and will sleep either in the hall or next to me at night. He is a protector! The other day he was my hero. We inherited a piano. It's older and not the most beautiful piano but it still works. I was getting frustrated playing it because two of the keys would stick half the time or wouldn't sound the other half. Jackson loves to play the piano too. (He has perfect pitch as well, so the keys were driving him nuts too.) Being the super smart little guy he is he took the top of my pian off and looked inside to see what the problem was. Well it just so happens there was a number 9, green uno card which was causing the sticking and the non- sounding of the keys. Now I can sit down and play the piano and not get frustrated. Thanks Jackson.... you sure are smart and you are my hero!!

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