Friday, September 5, 2008

Sweet Babies

I love my sweet babies. They are so amazing to me and each one is such a miracle. Babies are miracles in and of themselves but these three never should have been mine. I have endometriosis (endo) and it's pretty bad. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for the opportunity to be a mother and try my hardest to be a good mom. Am I perfect? I should say not but I'm trying. More than anything in the world I would love to be a stay at home mommy. Right now with they way the world is (with rising gas, food and everything prices) it's just not happening. I am sad that I can't be a stay at home mom but I am thankful for a great career and I love my job and the salon I work at. One day I will get to stay home with my babies. As for now we take every opportunity we can to have fun and enjoy being a family. (That is why I'm bloggin' at 12:47 am) Tonight I got home from an extra trying day at work and my kiddo's and awesome hubby decided that we needed to watch the stars come out. Emma was so cute she thought we were going to miss the stars :). So we headed out on to our new grass (yes we finally have grass) and laid out a bunch of blankets and watched the stars appear. Emma giggled her sweet giggle and Easton had to point out every airplane he could see... along with belly floppin' on all of us. I love when he gets in my face and says "Mommie??? Mommie??" And I say "Yes" or "Eastie" and he just smiles his devious little grin and I know that is his way of saying "I love you." Jackson is my brainiac and I love him so dearly. He watched and was counting the starts as they appeared in the sky. Poor kid lost count after a while but he is so much fun to talk to and listen too. I love how his brain works, I get a kick out of it. So these are my sweet precious babies and I hold them tight every day and tell them every day at least twice (if not hundreds of times) how much I love them.

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