Friday, July 17, 2009


As most of you have heard by now I am "officially" on bedrest and have been for almost 2 weeks. Bedrest is not my favorite and actually drives me insane; and how do you honestly do bedrest with 3 small children? For the most part my kids have been AMAZING. If you read our family blog you'll know that yep, I have "cheated" while being on bedrest too. We have gone for a few elevation drives (some including dirt roads) which is supposed to help the baby come and I have gone walking and even took blue cohosh root (in liquid form; yuck) to help her along. But I am still pregnant, I guess she is now just too comfy to want to come.

With being on bedrest (and totally bored out of my mind) I have read a few books, finished a few projects and yes even finally found the time to read from cover to cover my May 2009 Ensign. The Conference Report :)!! I love conference and I love reading and re-reading the talks. They are so inspired and hold so much truth and guidance. I have not yet made it to the back cover, but thought I would share a few of my "Ah Ha" moments and quotes while reading. The first big one came this morning, since I have been wide awake since about 6:15am. Elder Cook's Saturday Morning talk at the very end he says "Even though our journey may be fraught with tribulation, the destination is truly glorious." Of course his talk is not talking about me an being in labor and having contractions since week 20 of pregnancy that have been on going and wearing on my nerves.... but I applied it to that anyway. On Wednesday morning I woke up just sobbing and all upset that I haven't had this baby yet. I cried for a long time. And this little quote made me think that this baby needs to be here on earth and in our family and she will come, but for some reason I get the privledge of having a crazy (tribulation) pregnancy. I'm not sure if it makes me love my kiddo's more than I would if I'd have a breeze of a pregnancy or if it's just that when she really does finally make it here... the destination is truly glorious. In most of the talks I have read so far they mention faith and endurance. Elder Eyring talked about Adversity... this pregnancy has been adversity for me but you know I have been dealing with it and I know "things will work out" but I need patience I guess. But all in all I know this too shall pass and soon I'll have a beautiful baby girl to finalize our family and what a blessing she'll be to us. I am getting super excited to meet her, see her, hold her and smell her sweet baby smell a heavenly scent. And hopefully it will be sooner than later :)!!!

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