Wednesday, January 8, 2014

R.S. Christmas Craft

For Relief Society (R.S. is the acronym for it.  I am LDS and it's the organization for the women in our church- to briefly sum it up)- we had a sweet lesson about the nativity and then we made these cute crafts.  I love to craft.  These are made out of 2x4's cut down to size.  I waited until I got home to make mine, because I had different colors of paint I wanted to use than the black and white they had at the church.  The black and white look amazing too!  

All we did was sand, paint, then I sanded again for the distressed look and last place the vinyl cut outs onto the blocks.  I think they turned out pretty cute!  I'm so excited to have added something this year to my Christmas decorations and it even goes along with my nativities.  I like to add one new nativity a year to our collection.  I am a little behind but I will catch up eventually.

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