Friday, January 10, 2014

The Husband Files

Jess has decided to start re-finishing some of our hand me down furniture.  I must say it looks great but I don't like the dust all over in the garage and on my cars.  This will be my crafting table for my craft room (insert squeal). Jess has needed something to keep him from going crazy while "waiting"!  It's funny because I have plenty for him to do but I realize that he needs a creative outlet just like I do so I haven't pushed the other things that need doing.  He has been approached by several people now wanting him to re-finish things for them and I think if we were in a different situation (ie- not trying to sell our house, not trying to pack up and move) that he would love to do it.  But he just doesn't have the time right now.  I think maybe when we get settled and moved in that he might make it a second job (to fund vacations) to re-finish and sell furniture and re-finish furniture for others.   For now though- he gets to re-finish things for our house and I must say they are looking great.  He has also done a buffet table a dresser and is working on the second dresser and a table.

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