Thursday, August 7, 2014

Pillow Fight

We bought the kids new pillows for their beds.  Rather than throw away their old pillows I decided to make them pillow cases for them and these could be their "traveling" pillows.  They could take them with us on long drives or "travel" around the house with them from living room to basement to toy/tv room.  
For FHE (family home evening) we took the kids to the fabric store and let them pick out their fabric.  Ashleigh loves purple, pink and yellow and fell in love with the elephants on her fabric.  Emma, who is now 10, loves chevron print and currently loves the colors coral and turquoise.  Easton was the easiest he found emergency vehicles right off the bat, complete with a helicopter on it-score!  Then Jax, oh my Mister Jax!  He was the hardest one.  It took him forever to decide because all the fabrics were "babyish" or "little kid".  The we rounded a corner and found all kinds of fun Duck Dynasty fabrics.  Why did we not go down that isle first?  I found a simple pattern, that actually came with Easton's fabrics and in one afternoon I had all four pillow cases whipped out and ready for the kids to use. 

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