Thursday, August 7, 2014

Refinishing Projects

Jess, my husband, loves to refinish old furniture and give it a new look and new life.  The top two pictures are of our living room table.  There are two side or end tables that now need to be refinished as well to match.

We finally found a new dining room table that will fit our family and even extends to fit many more guests for dinner when the occasion calls for it.  I was not happy about the table at first because it's not "my style" or even the style I wanted but Jess cannot pass up a "good deal"  8 chairs, table and 4 leaves; all solid oak for $500.  He will most likely not be so lucky when he does by me my dining room set that I want.  $500 might cover the shipping cost.  Anyway along with the cheap price of the table came the promise of refinishing it.   So far if you ask my sweet, amazing husband who picked out the color schemes he will tell you he did.  And because he does most of the work in refinishing the furniture I let him believe that and even tell others that as well.  I know that if I want something done my way or my color, I make him think that he came up with it and then I get what I want.  He does ask for my input so I give it.  I usually start by showing him pictures on Pinterest or Facebook or Google search.  Then I let it be for a few days or weeks.  Then when he approaches the subject again it's usually to go with him to "look" at colors.  (This is how I got the stain I wanted for the living room table and my small kitchen table and chairs)  He usually has a nice color in mind and would be okay, but I steer him towards the one I really want.  One of two things happen.  Either he picks up the color right then or if he is not ready for the stain or paint, he remembers the color and goes back for it when he is ready.  It's so simple and easy to do.  As for the oak table, it is still sitting unfinished because of several factors; first it is summer and there are a million things to do, second our summer this year has been a scorcher and being out in the non-attached metal shop/garage when it is over 101 (upto 109) for 9 consecutive days is not going to happen and third, he is the assistant scout master with the 12 & 13 year old boys in our ward soooo... his time has become very limited.  I am hopeful once it cools off that he will start on our table (oh and once we have the funds to buy a paint sprayer for the chairs).

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