Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Just what the Doctor ordered. I was getting a little too stressed out and I needed a "breather" so Jess and I left the kids with Grammie and Bubba Gramps and got away for a few days. We went to Port Angeles/ Sequim, Washington. We saw a lot of things and did a lot of sight seeing from the car. We did some walking but kept it mild since I'm a fragile (high risk) pregnant woman :)!! We went to Bainbridge Island, Forks, La Push (where the beaches are), Victoria B.C., Port Townsend and Seattle.
While we were away my swelling went down but now that we are back it's rip roaring again. I did get a lot of rest, but after being home for two days I'm almost as tired as when we left. The thing I am learning to do is be a little more "lazy"! I am always on the go and always have a project going or something that needs to be done. I'm also a perfectionist so things have to be done right. A clean house to everyone else is not the same to me. I'm learning that it's okay to have dusty shelves, toys on the floor, books out of place, laundry in baskets and beds not perfectly smoothed. I have always loved "meditation" and have learned that instead of once a day I get to do this two or three or four times a day. Naps are essential and as long as the kids sit quietly on the recliner in our room and read books or watch a little show while I take a 30 minute snoozer, it's okay. Once our sweet Ashleigh is born I think I'll go back to having the tons of energy I've always had but I think I will still keep mommy nap time and maybe leave books out of place :).

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Who are the great models? Do they do magazine work? Haven't I seen them in something lately? They're just the hottest thing on the scene!!!