Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bella's Lullaby

I listened to the Twilight soundtrack and my most favorite song is Bella's Lullaby. I have heard two versions of it on the internet and love them both. Not that anyone hasn't guessed yet but music is a huge part of my life and has been since I was little. My mom sang to me all the time as a child and played the piano. My sisters all play the piano and so do I, maybe that is the reason it is my favorite instrament. I've had a few people comment that they can't believe my favorite song on the soundtrack is Bella's Lullaby...... I thought everyone would have had that pegged from the first 15 seconds of the song. I've been practicing Hymns and Primary Songs but I really need to branch out a little more and play a few other songs too. I guess that I'm nervous that someone is going to critique my playing and give me a failing grade. I get stage fright too and maybe that's why I haven't done more singing. I do have to say it's easier with someone singing with me...Thanks Sarah!!! And I'm pretty shy so I really only belt it out when I'm cleaning my house. If you ever want to hear me singing then you should stop by my house unannounced in the spring or fall when I've forgotten my windows are open.... then you can hear what I really sound like. If you listen for me at church... you won't hear me.... I've perfected singing quietly or at family birthdays... I sing Happy Birthday horribly on purpose. Only my husband and kids have heard me sing it right!!! So I guess one of my New Year's resolutions should be to get over it and just sing huh???


Bryce & Camillia Dougal said...

You know what, my husband and I just went and saw this awesome flick on friday, and i was busy explaining the story to my husband to really notice the music, I'll have to get the soundtrack now! That's ok though, was planning on getting it anyway! Glad you are enjoying all the Twilight stuff as much as I am!

Bryce & Camillia Dougal said...

Oh, and about the piano and singing thing...we all have talents we've put on the back burner for one reason or another. I just recently began piano's been oh, probably 20 years+ since I took them the first time and quit. But amazingly enough, I actually can read the notes and play ok, some things, it's those darn flats and sharps that throw me off. Oh well. And as for singing...I just don't sing in front of people for basically the same reasons you avoid it. Brings smiles to my face knowing I'm not the only one in that boat!