Sunday, November 9, 2008

Halloween Pictures

This is my hunky, handsome, adorable husband and me on Halloween. We went as Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. Not exact impersonations but hey I thought it was close enough.
Jess and I have been married almost 8 years and still going strong. We still feel like we are newly weds too. We have experienced a lot during our 8 years. Jess was in the active duty army for 4 years...making me a full time army wife, and in the National Guard for 2 years....which now he is putting in his WO packet to fly helicopters for the army. He is already a pilot he just needs to build up flight hours and get paid for it. We have 3 beautiful children and we've been through a lot to get them here.

Family is very important to us. It's our most valuable possesion. I was never 100% sure that I would be able to have babies since I have endometriosis (on a severe level). So for us having children is not only a blessing but a miracle. This is us and just a little snippette of our life. And I think this is the first year we both "dressed up" for Halloween.


Giannina said...

Oh you guys are so cute! It's really great to see that you guys are so happy and still so in love! I would never be able to get Chris to dress up so I'm impressed! Your children are adorable and they really are a blessing. Having those added obstacles in life really does make you appreciate how truly wonderful the little things are. Hope to see you guys soon. Thanks for letting us get a glimpse into what you all are up to.

Diamond in the Rough said...

How are you guys??? Are you coming to Utah soon??? We'll have to have everyone over when you come. We love your's fun to keep up. Your kids are so super cute!!

Bryce & Camillia Dougal said...

Ha ha, I found your site! Your family is so cute! Congrats on the 8 years! We just had our 8th anniversary in Sept. Crazy how the time goes!