Thursday, November 13, 2008

Holiday Season

This is my favorite time of year. I love Thanksgiving and Christmas and all the holidays that wrap up the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. One thing that I am so grateful for is music. I am so grateful for the talents my Heavenly Father has blessed me with; especially singing and piano. I am so thankful for family. For my sweet husband and children. For my parents and my husband's parents. For my siblings, their spouses and their children as well as my husband's siblings, their spouses and children. I am so very close to my sister Sarah. I am thankful for her talents as well and that we work well together developing and perfecting those talents. One thing the Holidays bring on is Christmas Carols. Those are our favorites and so fun to sing..... we already have a few people asking us to sing. I'm nervous but I know this is one way to share my testimony of our Savior with others.

On my side of the family we celebrate birthdays once a month and have a Family Home Evening (FHE) tied along with it. December is our month to come up with FHE. Last year we had all the grandkids dress up and we re-enacted the Nativity story. It was beautifully done. I will post on my family post pictures and highlights from last year. This year I felt very impressed that we needed to sing the precious Christmas Carols. At first I thought we should have just a family sing along, now we are going Caroling to neighbors and friends. I'm so excited about this. Sarah and I are going to sing a few songs before we leave to get everyone in the spirit of singing. So I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes. I love Caroling and think it's almost a thing of the past so I'm challenging everyone to get out there this year even if it's only to your next door neighbor and spread some Christmas Spirit :)!!!

I am also a nurshery leader in our ward and I have decided that this year for singing time from now until the end of the year we are going to sing Christmas songs and learn a few. I have Senior Nurshery and these kids already know "I Am A Child of God" and "I Love To See The Temple" word for word. So I think they can do it. Now I just have to find bells or chimes and have some fun with it too since after all they are only three years old. They do love music time though and I think they could spend almost all of nurshery time singing....but I don't know if I can :)!!!

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Bryce & Camillia Dougal said...

I think that it is wonderful that you have a desire to keep Caroling! We did it when we were children, and I loved every second of it. Out here, things are a lot different than back home in Utah. Perhaps we can get a group from our ward that would like to do some caroling! It might be difficult with the freezing temps, but perhaps if we provide some kind of refreshment, we could get a good handful of folks. Thanks for the ideas!