Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No Wonder

Sometimes I wonder why Sarah would be so tired after babysitting... after I saw these pictures all I have to say is NO WONDER!!!

What is up with my kids??? Eaton can't resist a dog pile and Emma can hold her own. You should see her with all of the nephews and uncles. She is one tough cookie.

Love how sweet and endearing this photo is. This is what happens when Jess goes out of town. Sarah comes to babysit my kids and then my kids go BONKERS!!! And who wouldn't with such a fun aunt hanging around.

That's my lil' Sis. One day I'll be as skinny as she is (again). She is my inspiration after having 4 kids. And she has such a fun personality. I love my family and love that we are all so close but Sarah and I have this awesome "Sista Bond" that we cherish. So I think we do more and get along more than with the other sisters. I'm so glad that my kids have such great relationships with all of my brothers and sisters too. Jess and I both feel it's so important to have those family bonds.

And then they go crazy :)!!! No really... I think this is my favorite picture. My next favorite is of Sarah looking like she is biting Jackson's ear off. I'll post that one later since I haven't figured out how to put more than 5 pictures on one post. If anyone knows the trick... please feel free to fill me in :)!! I love how Easton is upside down. He has more personality in his pinky finger than most kids I know!

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Crazy?...Who's Crazy? said...

Sarah is so cute. I wish I could see her again. She is awesome!